LED Lights Factory

Caesar Light Co., Ltd was established to provide high quality LED products, qualified designs, reliable services and reasonable prices to our customers. Our mission is to be one of the best LED light suppliers and LED lighting manufacturers in China.

We manufacture and supply LED components, interior LED lighting, 12V LED lamps, outdoor LED Illumination, LED landscape lights, and other LED light fixtures.

Based on 10 years'experience of doing LED Lighting export business, we provide ourselves on our commitment to quality,reliability, and speed.

Think of Caesar Light as the most efficient company ...

We accept OEM / ODM orders. Please notice prices are negotiable for bulk orders.

Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and negotiate with us!
TEL: 86-755-2630 2639

LED Lighting Category

(01) LED Strips,LED Ribbon,LED Tape
(02) LED Light Bars
(03) LED Modules,LED Signage
(04) Power Supplier,Adapter,Transformer
(05) AC Power Cords
(06) LED Connector
(07) LED Controllers,LED Amplifier
(08) LED Dimmers
(09) LED Bulbs
(10) LED Corn Lights
(11) LED Ceiling Lights
(12) LED Downlights,LED Cabinet
(13) LED Spotlights
(14) SMD LED Spotlights
(15) LED Grid Lights
(16) LED Tubes,LED Fluorescent
(17) LED Plug Lights
(18) LED Panel Lights
(19) LED Puck Lights
(20) LED Pendant Lights
(21) LED Wall Lights
(22) LED Bayonet 1156/1157
(23) LED Wedge 3156/3157
(24) LED Festoon 211
(25) LED Fog Lights
(26) LED G4
(27) LED G9
(28) LED R7S
(29) LED Aquarium Lights
(30) LED Grow Lights,LED Plant Lamp
(31) LED Desk Lights
(32) LED Track Lights
(33) LED Flashlights,LED Torch
(34) LED High Bay Lights
(35) LED Flood Lights
(36) LED Street Lights,LED Road Lamp
(37) LED Traffic Lights
(38) LED Tunnel Lights
(39) LED Guardrail Tube
(40) LED Neon
(41) LED Rope Lights
(42) LED String,LED Christmas Light
(43) LED Point Lights
(44) LED Under Ground Lights
(45) LED Under Water Lights
(46) LED Wallwasher
(47) Indoor LED Display Screen
(48) Outdoor LED Display Screen
(49) Indoor LED Moving Sign
(50) Semi Outdoor LED Moving Sign

LED Light Advantages

LED Lights could replace conventional lamps to save billions in energy costs.

LED lighting differ from traditional light sources in the way they produce light. For incandescent bulb,a filament is heated by electric current until emits light. While fluorescent lamp is converted light by UV radiation.

LED lamps are energy saving and enviromental friendly.

Let there be LED Light ...